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AS Army Mission #4: The Elite

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  • AS Army Mission #4: The Elite


    Hello AirSplat Armies!! Are you ready for Mission #4? Here it is! Your mission is to promote The Elite Program as much as possible throughout the internet! You can promote it via your AirSplat Army group, Airsoft forums/blogs, your personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, etc.!! Remember to sign off with the name of your AirSplat Army so you get points for your army!

    We will be choosing the 5 most active AirSplat Armies to receive a free Elite Membership and the person with the most activity will win a BLACK OPS Full Metal M4 Cobra Assault Rifle!

    How will we moderate? Comment in the forum thread for Mission #4 with links/screenshots of the post you’ve made and the different promotional channels you’ve used! If you're using Twitter or Instagram, remember to use #ASArmyElite

    FIRST PRIZE: Black Ops Full Metal M4 Cobra Assault Rifle (for an individual)
    TOP 5 ARMIES: Free Elite Membership for a year (for entire Army)

    (Winners will be announced on Monday, July 1st!)

    Here are some links and images that you can use to promote The Elite Membership Program!

    - Free Shipping on orders over $89 (No coupon code required!)
    - 50% Expedited shipping!
    - Up to 35% Off AirSplat items (when combined with other offers)
    - Front of the line processing on new and exclusive items
    - Dedicated Elite-only customer service (Phone and email)
    - Free airsoft Items
    - Personalized Elite membership card
    - Free Tune Up Service to any gun (One per year)
    - Free Upgrade Service with no minimum purchase (One per year)
    - New benefits added regularly at no extra cost"

    Get the word out about AirSplat's Elite Membership Program!
    Prizes for AS Army Mission #4! **You may use as a promotional image!** **You may use as a promotional image!**

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    Already on it guys! rt=3&page
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    • TheChase02
      TheChase02 commented
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      You managed to almost exactly copy every single one of my original ideas. Now the facebook/twitter/instagram stuff, that's different, almost everyone used. It's social media and good to spread the word. But more creative ideas of mine, such as the Prezi, AskFM and even COPYING MY HANDOUT. Honestly, that's just sad you couldn't do you're own work. If you want to check out my album of flyers, and compare it to yours, you'll notice they are close to identical. You used the exact same photos, and said something similar to mine. I've had a prezi, and google+, and askFM for a while, so I thought I'd use those. But within a day of posting on here, you coincidentally have the exact same ideas as me. I don't think it's a coincidence. And then the Airsoft Retreat forum- out of the hundreds- possibly thousands of Airsoft forums that you could have, it happens to be the one that I posted earlier, which then also popped up onto yours.

      I'm not trying to rant, but everyone, from posters, to AirsplatBoss and administrators, don't you think this is ridiculous and unfair? I would consider it cheating. It's not really work if all you do is take other people's resources, and use them. On your prezi, you literally just copy and pasted I'd say roughly 90% of it. In the comments, you said I did? You might want to check again. If they wanted to read all of that, you should of just given them the link and saved them the time of all the Copied information. It's like in your High School english class about how you're not supposed to use wikipedia and plagiarize other people's work and sources. The same apply here. I know I'll end up just repeating myself in another way if I go on, so I'll end it here. I think Dasjelly is mooching off my, and possibly others hard work just he can win the Prize. I personally believe he should be disqualified, but that wouldn't be fair for the Airsplat Army he's in, because his team wouldn't get the Airsplat elite. If anyone else agrees, or disagrees with me, feel free to say so, I'd like to hear what everyone else has to say. I literally don't know if I should even do anymore work today, because I have a feeling as soon as I post it, within a while it will be taken by Dasjelly, and likely end up just hurting my Airsplat Army division's chances. It's pretty much not worth it.

      (Update- I forgot one thing) I noticed that you didn't copy my iFunny post! You might want to catch that too, otherwise we wouldn't have nearly identical work. I just thought I'd let you know.
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    • dasjelly
      dasjelly commented
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      LOL. Are you serious? Are you seriously trying to say that the is yours? Do you even know what is used for? And just saying, I used because I have a lot of followers on it, and I added it A WEEK AGO. You copied me. I don't see how there is any creativity in asking yourself a question on, and then answering it with the same thing you've said on every other thing. Yeah, on my prezi I copied from the website, and that was because the best information is the information from the source. I did take the prezi idea because I thought you had really good ideas, and likewise, I've had a Google+ for a while that I didn't use because it was only there because of my youtube channel. Downright lying however, is something despicable. Claiming that I've copied your Ask idea, and saying that I've called almost all of your ideas? Bro, I started spreading the word of Airsplat Elite when the Mission was first announced. Please, go on and tell me what else I copied from you. There aren't any rules against "copying" people, I thought the hand outs were a good idea, so I used that. get over yourself. I don't see how you're telling people of Airsplat Elite when on Twitter, IG, and Ask, you have little to no followers AT ALL.
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    • TheChase02
      TheChase02 commented
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      That is extremely note worthy to know that you started within a few hours of it being announced- pure champion material you are, primarily because you entered the first post. Oh yeah, I'm not your Bro, bro. You literally admitted that you copied my ideas. I have to say on the, I am new- no, I don't have many followers. But crazy thing- you don't have to follow me to see the post! I know, you won't believe it, but it's true! Inventions these days are Crazy! I'm dumbfounded!

      I love how you only managed to mention some items I listed. I do believe you forgot the flyer. I looked again, and I realized it's not only similar but it literally has one, maybe two differences. About the prezi, again, if people wanted just the information, all you should of done is give them the website, not waste their time to read it twice. And again with the Forums I used, coincidence? I'd go ahead and say no. I consider myself pretty nice, where as you seem to be a tad on the not-so-nice side. I think you're mad that one, I'm your competition, two, I have a good shot, and three, that I called you out on your cheating. Admit it, don't, it doesn't matter. It matters what AirSplat thinks, and I'm confident they'll be reasonable when choosing. And are you endorsing cheating? Since when has copying been good? Copying literally is taking someone else's work, and getting credit and reknown for it- that's exactly what you are doing to me. You said I'm lying? I say the facts don't point towards me- what more despicable than lieing, is blaming someone to cover there tracks.

      If I had taken your work and gotten credit for it, you would understand my point of view- and you, kind sir, get over yourself. The thing is, my work is quality and most of yours isn't. Yes, in a few cases, you have more followers than me. Bam. Life goal completed. Proud of you, I surely am. Literally most of you're work was something along the lines of this:

      Be sure to check out airsplat elite because it's has great benefits for only 35$/yearly!
      [Picture of Airsplat Elite]
      -Airsplat Army San Jose.

      I would compare it to my work, but I'm not going to double this entire comment with it. Others and myself included actually put time into it, not just a Control + V and inserting a picture. People can tell if you actually care about what your representing- although you don't have to be heartfelt about it, one sentence won't cut it. Anywho, sorry to everyone else about the rant, but as I said, this is ridiculous. Good luck to everyone. And jelly, don't bother commenting again, I'd prefer this to end at my comment, because this contest ends in 3 hours, my time- there is no point. Thanks.

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    Heres mine for now i might do more
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    So far so good Armies!! Continue to 'edit' your post to add more links to it!!


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      Airsplat Army Portland,




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        Hey everybody, good luck for mission #4!

        I thought I could upload pictures directly to this forum, but pretty much all of mine are too big, so I'll just use a Photobucket album.The title says what each photo is, and in the description it provides a link (Except twitter/facebook)

        [UPDATE:] Hey, I noticed that my photobucket url, (every once in a while) automatically shortens, which causes an error to occur, and doesn't allow you to see it. As often as possible, I'll check to make sure my links work, but I think I'll also put one in the comments in case. Thanks.

        [2nd Update:] While checking my progress, for like how many views and likes and whatnot, I noticed that in my photobucket album, it said 0 views. I had a strong feeling this was a problem, so I took a closer look at the photos, and noticed overall there were a few hundred. So incase your checking it out, go to the individual pictures to see them. I also got reassured when I realized that these are just pictures of the work, and that there are the actual sites that probably thousands of people have seen. maybe more.

        And then there are these links for other various tools I used to represent it:

        A Prezi:

        Which I personally love, because of how the end result is with most prezi's.

        A YouTube video: For a heads up, I wanted to have a video of me talking while showing various pictures/websites and whatnot, but I have very little experience with youtube, so I ended with this:

        I don't think it's bad, it's just not what I originally pictured, because I don't have a video camera or a good recording phone, and so on. Oh yeah, and the music is a little bit iffy, but it was awkward without something.

        [3rd Update:] For the 3rd Update I did quite a bit more work. I made a set of posters including almost everything you can know about Airsplat Elite, and then handed it out/hung it up around Highlands Ranch and Littleton. I made a seperate Photobucket album so you could check them out individually. Same problem with the other album, it's not showing views, but like I said, just look at the individual photo (By clicking on it) and it will show you. Most photos have around 50+ views currently. The Title says where It is, and the Description says details. Hope you like it!

        And I made an Instagram. Never been a fan, but I thought it would help. Below the instagram are two more Airsoft forum links I used. The other airsoft forums I used were taken as screenshots and put in the first photobucket album. I now thought it would be best to just provide the two new links instead. Also, I've been having quite a few link problems, so I decided I'll be using a google shortener to fix them. Four of my links auto-shorten, so when you try clicking on them (Or copying them into a url) it leads you to an error. (Airsoft Retreat Forum) (NTA Forum)

        [4th Update:] This fourth update will likely be my progress from here (June 27th) till the end (June 30th), so I don't end up with like 10 updates. If I get something big, I might make it a separate section. Anyways:

        So anyways, thanks for your time, and again good luck to everyone.
        -Chase, CO of the Airsplat Army - Colorado Division (Not specific city, just Colorado region)
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        Good luck to you all.
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        • TheChase02
          TheChase02 commented
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          Just kind of curious why your photo is a picture of a picture. If you provided the actual link to this image, we could see this. But I highly doubt that 426 people have liked that in the last 17ish hours. I looked at it when you first posted it too, also 426 likes- Which leads me to believe that you had the airsplat elite photo, and then joined the fixed like count and comment count bar onto it (Likely with photoshop).

          I'm not trying to accuse, but it's very interesting why you couldn't provide the actual link to a post.

        • Zo.
          Zo. commented
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          Next time don't try to hide your accusation
          Last edited by Alfonso; 06-19-2013, 05:25 PM. Reason: Please no foul language

        • TheChase02
          TheChase02 commented
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          Calm down. It was just unncecessary to screenshot it, and made me suspicious.

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        Btw, I see all these pictures of posts everywhere but none of them have any likes, comments, or the seen tracker. You guys aren't getting exposure, you're just posting everywhere


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          I probably wont win anything but might as well go for it!!!

          - Andrew Rose- AS Army Roseville/Rocklin


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            Our Instagram is Airsoft_Army and we have over 2000+ airsoft fans following us. Our Facebook group is slowly growing but still growing. We still pick up members on almost a daly bases.

            William Sparrow AS Army - Danville, VA


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              Good Luck Everyone! Check out the AS Army - Seattle Division!


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                Got some here!


                • TheChase02
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                  You really shouldn't post the same link 4 times. Pretty much unnecessary.

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                    These links I've posted up are some famous airsoft groups and my team page


                    • Asumara
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                      I'd have to agree with TheChase02. This could be considering spamming.