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    Greetings AS Armies! Mission #11 will be to make a written or video review on an airsoft gun/gear/accessory that you own or have owned. This is a "Tried & True" review, so be honest about your experience you had with whatever you decide to review and give your opinions. Feel free to include videos and pictures if necessary. This must be your honest review on an airsoft item that you have personally owned or used. We will select the winners based on creativity and AirSplat's criteria.

    - Write a review or make a video review on something "Tried & True"
    - Be honest; we want to inform incoming airsofters of pros and cons of certain products
    - Copy/paste your written/video review on our forum
    - Sign your name and name of AS Army


    1st - Lancer Tactical LT-08 PDW Airsoft AEG ($107.99 VALUE!)
    2nd - $40 AirSplat Gift Card
    3rd - $20 AirSplat Gift Card

    DEADLINE: March 31, 2014

    Visit our AirSplat Blog for more information!
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    KWA M9 PTP
    I bought this gun for around $120 I wanted a realistic M9 and this is what everyone recommended. When I unboxed it and pulled it out I was astonished at the accuracy to the real steel version.
    Several of my friends and family who are current or ex law enforcement were trying to steal it because of the realism.
    Now onto performance:
    • Easy hop-up adjustment
    • Loud
    • Durable
    • Gets 3-4 mags per 20sec. propane fill*
    • Holds 25 rounds
    • Shoots around 360-375 with propane*
    • Good range for a pistol I’m not sure what the actual range is but its good.
    • Fits in any real steel m9 holster
    • Hard to load on the go
    • No threaded barrel
    If I could only have one of my current guns I would keep my KWA M9 PTP it will not fail me.

    Joshua Vieau- Airsplat Army Ontario

    *I use propane for all my gas guns
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      CYMA M14 Wood I bought this gun to use for my Vietnam load out and as the weapon my grandfathers used to use when he was in the army. After buying it and it arriving, my grandfather and I where both amazed at how realistic and nostalgic it was. He almost wanted to keep it for himself to use and as a reminder of his army days lol. I have had this gun for around 4 years and has not failed me yet. It is still stock yet somewhat broken, messed up and abused after all these years but still works fine. The stock has broken on the seam but was easly fixed with tape and glue and all the dings and scratches give it some character. The first time I brought it to a field to where I moved everyone wanted to use it and play with it because they had never seen anything outside of the numerous m4s lol . Pros •works great even after all these years •still shoots the same FPS as out of the box (340ish) • Great accuracy • great range (130 meters or so) •long barrel (could be a con) • old school look • fairly realistic and heavy • easy to use hop up • cheap mags • reliable from day one Cons • the selector and gearbox forget what semi auto is • some what awkward mags • long •heavy • not as common as other weapons so you can't always share mags with your team • you will kinda become a DM I use my M14 all the time and as broken and messed up as it is I know it will work not matter what and is a nostalgic powerful old workhorse and if the one that I have now ever breaks I will defiantly get an new one and wholesomely recommend it to anyone who is new or experienced at airsoft. Xavier Lee Stout AirSplat Army Lake Grove


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        Elite Force M4 CQB - Competition
        I have not been in the airsoft game for sometime after taking a break to get married and have a kid. Getting back into the sport I wanted to get into a AEG that would not break the bank but had enough punch to kick some butt. I got hooked up by a buddy on the E.F. M4 CQB for around $200 and instantly fell in love with it. The look, feel, construction, and light weight of this gun are spectacular. I have not had a chance to use it in an actual game, but have had a chance to get in some target practice in the back yard. The accuracy and spread are pretty decent and the hop up is spot on straight out of the box. The adjustable stock works smoothly and has a good feel to it. I was disappointed in the life of the battery though. I put it on an 4 hour charge and took it outside to pop off a few rounds and and it died pretty much after about 200 rounds switching between semi and full auto. Think it might not have charged enough i put it on an over night charge of about 12 hours and took it out once again. To my dismay the battery only lasted two full hi cap mags of 300 rounds before dying again. I have since changed out batteries and now happier with the ability of a 4 day battery charge hold after only four hours on the new battery.

        Light weight
        Great price
        345 fps stock
        960 rounds/minute fire rate
        High strength Polymer

        Factory battery life
        Can not add silencer tip with voiding warranty


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          G&P STONER 63

          The stoner 63 was a gun designed for us by the military back in the mid 60's and it saw limited use up until the early 80s in the United States arsenal and is still in use today by several countries. The basis of the gun was as a modular firearm able to be configured from a carbine all the way to a mounted machine gun.

          The airsoft version of the 63 is obviously what I have. I picked this gun up awhile back when it was some what easier to find. So lets get to talking about this awesome gun.
          Overall the Stoner is a metal and polymer construction with the receivers, barrel and box mag bracket being metal and the hand guard and butt stock being polymer/plastic. The stoner fires out of the box at roughly 406 FPS on average with a pretty decent rate of fire esspecially for a LMG. The guns weight is about 12lbs fully loaded which makes it one of the lightest LMG's on the airsoft market today. The gun is top fed from a box mag that is mounted underneath the weapon feeding through a feeder tube. The box mag itself is run off of a 9v battery allowing for a consistant feed and has a capacity of 1500 rnds and is reloaded through a small door on the side of the box. The gun itself operates off of a normal airsoft battery 9.6v up to an 11.1v lipo and is recommend to use over 10v nimh batteries for the best performance. The internals of this gun are great as it runs on a V2 type gearbox. Another great feature about the stoner is the ability to go semi or full which is great for conserving ammo and due to some fields regulations it allows you to enter buildings with it as well vice having to switch to another gun.

          Overall performance of this weapon has been fantastic and I would say it is one of the best guns I have owned or used in airsoft. Not only does it have an awesome rate of fire and FPS without upgrades but it is extremely accurate. People know when you bring this weapon on the field and generally do not like being on the receiving end of it because they know they are going to be either keeping their heads down or calling a hit shortly after it fires. Thus far I have not had any issues with the weapon or any of the internals.

          Rate of fire
          Semi auto or full auto

          Small box mag for LMG
          box mag can be a bit loud
          Battery replacement can be a pain due to the hex head screws on the butt plate
          box mags are pricey and hard to find

          Brad york
          airsplat army mystic
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            MLAMilitia's review for Tried and True airsoft review!

            Matt Murphy - AirSplat Army Rhode Island


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              GREAT reviews so far you guys!! Keep up the good work. We need at least 5 more submissions so spread the word!


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                Our team did a recent review on the SL8-4

                Review was done by our Master Tech

                Marc Cruz
                Captain of Airsplat Army San Diego County
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                  KJW 1911 Metal Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun
                  This gun is pretty superior for the price of 120$-130$. Now this is a pretty decent size gun (due to the double stack mag) and will fit well in the hands of virtually anyone. it has a very slick but defined design to it. This gun is pretty efficient on gas as well You will be able to shoot about 1 ⅔ of a mag with one full mag of green gas, however if you use CO2 that number is reduced to about 1 1/3. now this is a great side arm for beginners and veterans alike and will give you a wide variety of options. Cheers!
                  Full metal
                  blow back
                  double stack mags
                  Tac rail
                  looks cool

                  expensive mags
                  sometimes the slide will get stuck in the middle of a shot
                  slide a little wobbly
                  does not a tactical lanyard attachment point.
                  Jeremiah Price
                  Airsplat army spring, TX


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                    G&G Combat Machine CM16--This gun is probably the best gun to get for a beginner. Low cost of $150 and the amazing reliability of a G&G. I've sighted mine in to about 100 ft.

                    Heavy/more realistic weight
                    Looks cool
                    Inexpensive mags
                    lots of rail space

                    Not the highest FPS in the world, but it has been enough for me

                    Collin Page
                    Airsplat Army Spring, Tx


                    • jvman13
                      jvman13 commented
                      Editing a comment
                      i have one but its the old full metal cqb one everything you described is right on.

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                    KWA SR7 CQB

                    Blake Vuong
                    Airsplat Army Spring, Tx


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                      Team Review of the Dboys AK74-u

                      "Chunky Gorilla"
                      Airsplat Army San Diego County


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               So to keep the video short and sweet I listed off the specifics of my guns. As for the smaller details I decided to list them below. Ics Cxp: The body consists of abs composite and aluminum, the main body being abs and the barrel, stock, handguard, rails, trigger and dust cover are aluminum. Has a working forward assist to reduce the tension of a partially cocked spring. Tokyo Marui g18c: Green gas operated and upgraded to take a beating and run higher pressure gases. Has a high cyclic firing rate and is modified for accuracy and consistency. Has a tighbore 6.03 inner barrel and nightglo sights for transitions from well lit to dim light environments. -Slim) Airsplat Army, Cromwell Ct.


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                          A video review of my KWA ATP...Tried and true! as this gun is over a year and a half old...had it packed full of sand, mud, and water...cleaned it, and she's as good as new!


                          Nate Knudtson AS Army - Upsala MN
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                            A quick review on the "Save Phase Grunt goggles", as well as how I like to run them with my helmet...I have found this very helpful, with how I run...before I was constantly adjusting the strap length, it kept slipping around, and sometimes having them slip off my helmet causing them to fall off! with this quick and simple mod, you can quickly adjust tension, and reduce hassle Enjoy


                            Nate Knudtson AS Army - Upsala MN